Newport Mistress

I am Mistress Whips The Newport Mistress

Newport Mistress Whips

Newport Mistress Whips

A lifestyle Mistress with over 20 years experience, I am back after a long absence from the scene during which time I have continued the “Lifestyle” in private with a chosen few of my slaves, all of whom have proven their devotion to me over and over during their period of ownership.

I view BDSM as the norm, My way of life.

I invite all submissive’s, male or female, that crave to serve and be used by a real, superior Lifestyle Mistress to approach me with their ideas of how they can please and serve me.

 I welcome the novice and the experienced equally to my Newport Dungeon.

 I am a highly skilled Newport Mistress and my experience is vast, absolutely nothing is new to me or beyond my capabilities.

 You will naturally respect, obey and worship me as I will accept nothing less than 100% submission at all times, fail to do so and you will find yourself either dismissed or in severe pain until you see the error of your ways!

You can learn this the hard way or the…..ummmmmm….harder way 🙂

Remember, if allowed an audience with me you will be taking up My precious time and I expect you to enhance My lifestyle.

Fail and you wont be given a second chance.

 I am very discreet and confidential and expect you to be the same.

 Do not request sexual favors from me, I am a Correctional Therapist not a prostitute.

 If I decide to use you for MY sexual pleasure then I will, because I can, after all, it is all about ME and my pleasure, not yours, you will do well to remember that slave !!!

Mistress Whips

Simply the best Newport Mistress you will ever find